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356 Columbine

This mountain modern house was the first of its kind in Alpine Meadows. Rachel served as Architect, Owner, and General Contractor, an invaluable educational experience! Views prioritize Ferry Peak, with glimpses toward Stewarts and Bradley. Sensible snow shedding was a priority – satisfying to kick back while the neighbors shovel their roofs!

North West Bike Path View
Tomatoes in Foreground, Ferry Peak Beyond
Stewarts Peak to the East through Kitchen Window
Close up of Kitchen – repurposed 1980’s cabinets. Notice the Aspen Leaf Floors
Stair & Catwalk to upstairs bedroom / office and loft
Cozy second bedroom downstairs can easily be split into two twin bedrooms
Master Bedroom is a perfect cube of space, with a gable hat on top
Loft Bedroom / Office is a favorite retreat with Ferry Peak Views
Catwalk to Toy Attic with glimpses of Brad Peak
Deck views to Northeast Ferry Peak
Master Porch, Dining Patio, Garage Beyond

Slot Entry

King of Broadway

This Mixed Use Building will replace an older structure at the Terminus of King Street where it meets Broadway. Later studies shifted away from a 2 story structure, to a denser solution which avoids electrical infrastructure in the Alley east of Town Square. Program consists of Retail, Employee Housing, and Short Term Rental

Huff Libary Remodel

  • Huff Section
  • Huff pLAN

This log building served as the Teton County Libary until 2006. It now houses Teton County Engineers and Housing Authority staff. The challenge here was to create private offices in the main reading room without spoiling the open, vaulted space. At the same time, it was critical to disperse and improve lighting, while keeping a collaborative environment. The solution was inspired by a clever Brewery tower conversion to congressional offices by Peter Bohlin at BCJ.

Mazzia House

  • Back Porch
  • Toward Loft

This stunning 20 acre Lincoln County property demands views in every direction. The arrival sequence circumvents the house, displaying a stepped envelope with shadowed variation. Opposing shed roofs uniquely capture valley, pond, and aspen views, while extensive cantilevered decks reiterate the interior experience. Guest quarters on the lower level provide independent living with family access.


  • Blueprint for a Better View
  • Mt Whister
    Mount Whister
Collage Work for Who Dunn It Show at Art Association of Jackson Hole 2017

Teton Theater Fit-Out

This 6,300 sq ft stone gem was built in 1940 by Robert Porter, ancestor of Robert Gill, its current owner.  He has made significant investments to augment the existing envelope to meet current seismic, infrastructure, accessibility, and energy codes.  The venue showcased thousands of movies up until 2001, including the premier of Broke Back Mountain.   The Renovation will house a new family restaurant seating 250, with balcony dining and events.  The Theater sits adjacent to Jackson’s antler arched Square and will be as popular with visitors and locals as the original movie house. The project team includes Chet Phillips General Contractor, G&S Structural, J-Tec Mechanical, Delcon Electrical, Helius Lighting,  and James Musclow Kitchen consultant.

Breffeilh Addition

ALB is a true Wyoming Libertarian – a lawyer, writer, pilot, and parent to three parrots: Charlie, Watson, and Troubles. Andy bought what is known locally as the “old Robert Goulet house,” located atop East Gros Ventre Butte. With 270 degree views of the valley floor, its only downside is an impossibly steep driveway, which made for challenging construction. The project includes a new garage & office, plus extensive interior renovation. An inverted gable roof hovers between the existing guest and main house, soaring over a new vestibule and terminus to the garage connector.  The roof also frames a view of the Grand Teton from Andy’s office, where he collects weather data and field communications for his hot air balloon business.

Goodrich House

  • Drone Site
  • From Bike Path

Simple shed roofs offset the garage from the primary house. Their rusted corrugated roof folds down on both low and high ends to create unique sculptural features. Large garage doors and folding sliding doors open this house up in good weather. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath + Loft