King of Broadway

This Mixed Use Building will replace an older structure at the Terminus of King Street where it meets Broadway. Later studies shifted away from a 2 story structure, to a denser solution which avoids electrical infrastructure in the Alley east of Town Square. Program consists of Retail, Employee Housing, and Short Term Rental

Huff Libary Remodel

This log building served as the Teton County Libary until 2006. It now houses Teton County Engineers and Housing Authority staff. The challenge here was to create private offices in the main reading room without spoiling the open, vaulted space. At the same time, it was critical to disperse and improve lighting, while keeping a […]

Teton Theater Fit-Out

This 6,300 sq ft stone gem was built in 1940 by Robert Porter, ancestor of Robert Gill, its current owner.  He has made significant investments to augment the existing envelope to meet current seismic, infrastructure, accessibility, and energy codes.  The venue showcased thousands of movies up until 2001, including the premier of Broke Back Mountain.   […]

Yuengling Creamery Renovation

INTERVIEW DICK YUENGLING This 65,000 sq ft 1920’s Brick Building was home to Yuengling’s Ice cream Operation during Prohibition. After Renovation, it will serve as Water Treatment Plant, Museum, Gift Shop, and Tour Staging Area, Across Mahantango Street from the Main Brewery. The Upper Floor will house future offices for Yuengling Family-owned operations. This design-build […]

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

This ski patrol cabin is an addition to the Storage Barn at the top of Bridger Gondola.  Problem solving to meet seemingly conflicting interests: How to appear seamless with the existing utility barn, yet more attractive as an upload arrival backdrop for guests?  How to serve the quick access and departure needs of Patrollers, yet […]

Walk Festival Hall

Under Berlin Architects. As Project Lead at BERLIN ARCHITECTS, Rachel took pride in the $5 M WALK FESTIVAL HALL RENOVATION.  We designed a shell of Structural Insulated Panels to insulate this acoustical gem from heat loss and noise infiltration.  We added dramatic glass vestibules to further seal the building and provide a playful look.  A […]

Epsilon Technologies

This 10,000 square foot, 3 story facility just south of Jackson enabled EPSILONTECH.COM to expand their operations. As the world’s largest manufacturer of strain gauges, David Werner’s team used the upper floor for design & sales, the main floor for manufacturing, and the lower level for machine shop and storage. Epsilon’s office culture encouraged enjoyment […]

Habitat ReStore

This retail space next to China Town Restaurant is once again home to Habitat’s Store for Recycled Construction goods. It now houses both ReStore staff and Greater Teton Area Administrative Staff, in separate corners. Manager Kevin Spence was Interviewed by Community Radio when the space reopened:

Teton Village Fire House

Under Plan One/ Architects. Commercial and institutional work at PLAN/ ONE ARCHITECTS, Wyoming’s  largest firm, was good preparation for responsible professional licensure.  She managed the BIG HORN FEDERAL BANK in Lovell, developing a full C.D. set with specifications, fee analysis, code study, and specialty equipment.  Construction administration for of the School District’s Vehicle Maintenance Facility, […]